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Policy 2021

1. Deposits are non-refundable. Please be courteous of my time and make sure a bunny is what you truly want! Deposit to reserve a bunny is half of the purchase price.

2. Once the rabbit is transferred to the new owner, any injury or death that can occur from stress, neglect, or due to being mishandled is no longer my responsibility.

3. All rabbits will receive food, hay, and care sheet for easier transition! Pedigrees where applicable will be mailed or emailed to buyer once the bunny changes ownership.

4. ANY rabbit going over state lines is required by law to have a health certificate. Please know that this will be an added cost.

5. Any injury or death that occurs while you have put a deposit on a rabbit can be refunded or you can request to have the reservation moved to another available bunny.

6. You have to provide a carrier home! I can provide a cardboard carrier but you will have to tell me beforehand.

7. I work with transporters if you are purchasing out of state, please message me and we will work out the details.

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