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Frequently Asked Questions

Pet The Bunny

How Do I Train My Rabbit To Use The Litter Box?

Clients have trained their rabbits to use the litterbox pretty easily through reference links: click here. General tips are to make sure you sweep up any particles of hay, poo, or litter material and keep it in the litterbox pan. 

When Purchasing A Rabbit, Does It Come With Its Housing?

No. You are responsible for housing, feed, and overall welfare for your rabbit.

Can I Bond Two Rabbits Together?

This is a tricky question to answer. Both rabbits should be spayed and or neutered before bonding can begin. Some bonded pairs can remain unaltered, but for safety sake please remove their hormone drivers! Reference link on  how to bond rabbits together can be found here.

Is Spaying/Neutering Dangerous?

Rabbits are sensitive creatures. I would suggest finding an exotic savvy vet that has had experience with rabbits. Most general vet practices don't deal with rabbits from day to day and placing your trust in a general practice is risky as I've read a lot of owners being devastated their precious one passed away while surgery was being performed. Please make sure your vet is capable!

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